Social Responisibility

The Co-Founders of Savvy Web Studio believe that every business person has the responsibility of taking care of the people and planet that make up our global village. This means taking responsibility to make a difference in everything we do, at work and in our personal life. Our aim is not to only do less harm but also to improve the lives of people and our planet through business. We have made a number of commitments focusing on every aspect of our business from decreasing our waste, through to the health and wellbeing of our staff to create a better world for generations to come.

The focus on profit being king is changing and at Savvy Web Studio we believe that we can all live lightly on this planet.

About Savvy Web Studio

Savvy Web Studio is a design and development studio based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. With a team of professional graphic designers and web developers with a focus on excellent customer service.Our services include brand identity creation,logo design, business card design, annual report design, website design and development as well as domain registration, web and email hosting.Read More