The Benefits Of Getting Your Annual Report Professionally Designed

All Australian companies are required by law to publish an Annual Report of their financial status. Many companies choose to also use this document as a marketing tool. So most annual reports contain pages of information about the company and its activities as well as financial pages. Why should you get your Annual Report designed by a professional graphic designer?  Simple.  To stand out from the competition and impress.

A professionally designed Annual Report does more than just list numbers and information about your business; it can showcase your business to the best of its ability as well as effectively and compellingly illustrate the strength your company maintains.

The design aspects of a professionally created Annual Report will take your business to the next level, and by investing in your branding message you will create confidence in your business as well as impress those who read it; you’re Trustees, your Shareholders, your Stakeholders, potential investors and your competition.


What a well designed annual report does is simply tell a story in the most attractive and informative way achievable. Each business has objectives, and one of those objectives should be to provide the public with an amazing image that stays imbedded in the minds of many.  By enlisting the services of a graphic design studio like Savvy Web Studio, you know the end result will be professional and reliable – a true representation of who you are and what you do. The truth is that a professionally designed annual report does just that, it is extremely effective in creating a positive image that exemplifies the uniqueness, originality, and progressive thinking of your business.

Looks do count, but the end goal for an Annual Report is to evoke a sense of understanding as well as visual impact. 

This will put your company in the lead, and it has been shown that an annual report that is professionally designed affects the way a business is perceived in the marketplace.  If you are looking for qualified graphic designers that offer Annual Report design then look no further than the team at Savvy Web Studio. If you want your year’s hard work to stand out and be documented in an impressive way, invest in your message and take the leap from that Word document annual reports to fully designed and professionally printed annual reports. At Savvy Web Studio we create annual reports that help you showcase the most important feats with impacting visual spreads, dynamic use of photography, and a cleverly thought-out print finish – we even know how to make those financial statements look good!

Savvy Web Studio has worked with clients in a range of services and sizes from small to large business as well as not-for-profits, so regardless of your business size or budget, we can find an annual report design solution that is right for you.  Get in touch with us today.