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Online social networks have become the new way in which people connect socially for both business and personal use. As mentioned in our previous blog Why your business needs a social media presence the benefits of a business having a social media presence can be immense as a brand building platform.

Explore for yourself our Statistics on Social Media infograph to discover the extent of social media use in today’s internet age, what devices people are using to access social media as well as what social networks are the most popular.

Why Your Business Facebook Page Is Not Enough

Facebook is easily the most popular social networking website with a staggering 1 in 10 humans on earth having a Facebook account! Obviously many businesses want to reach that valuable customer base and have set-up a Facebook business page. With these business branded Facebook pages having the potential to attract many ‘likers’.

If you target market or customers are on Facebook  obviously you need to be there as well, just don’t make the mistake of using your Facebook page as your website simple because it is popular and free.

You don’t own your Facebook Page

Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg and the companies shareholders. Facebook also has a nasty habit of changing things around all the time, not just the visual appearance but also the rules on how you can promote your business. Don’t fall into the trap of allowing another company to dictate how you do business.

Owning your own piece of the Net

Your best bet is to buy a domain and get your own web hosting so you can set up your primary online presence. By doing this you can also have your own professional email address i.e.

By using your website as your online marketing  focal point you will be able to build a prospect list in the form of opt-in email subscribers, connect with all potential and current customers regardless if they use social networking sites or not.

In Summary

Your website is all about YOU and YOUR BRAND, it has your branding, your market positioning and when people are on your website that’s all they see, and that’s all you want them to see! Also, not everyone uses Facebook, yes they do have one billion active users but that’s not everyone, and not everyone wants to do business on Facebook or learn about a business on Facebook. Finally your website is focused on your calls to action, Facebook isn’t. On your website you get to dictate what people do, by setting up scenarios that they can possibly flow through that end in a result you want, whether that be buying a product or service, signing up for a newsletter or generating a lead, you can’t do that all the time on Facebook.

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Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Presence

Many business owners will have heard that they need to have a social media presence though they may not understand why they need to be using social media as part of their marketing efforts.

1. Millions of users- Facebook in Australia for example has over 10 millions users and Twitter has almost 2 millions users. The average Australian Facebook user spends 20 minutes on Facebook per visit. As of June 2012- 50.34% of Australian population use Facebook and on a global scale, 1 in 10 humans on Earth use Facebook!

2. With the huge numbers that are users of social media your brand needs to build a presence where it’s target market is spending it’s time.

3. Word Of Mouth Marketing is King; as a business owner you are probably aware that word of mouth marketing can be the best form of marketing. Social Media networks make recommending or sharing companies, products and services extremely easy.

4. Your target market expects to find you on social networking sites. It can often be where your potential customers go first to learn more about you.

5. Business large or small can use social media. Social media is one of the few forms of marketing that does not have a price tag. Whether you are a home based business or a large corporation, regardless of your size you have the ability to use this powerful brand building platform.